Pumpkin Carving and Seed Roasting Round II

Needless to say, after Spencer and mine’s first go at pumpkin carving this season, and after he realized how delicious the seeds were and that we didn’t have many, he was pretty much pushing me out the door to go get another pumpkin! And I was all too willing. We decided to walk down the road to our local farmer’s pumpkin patch (it’s pretty much in our backyard). When we walked up to the place we didn’t see anyone working there, but we decided to take a look around. We picked out the perfect pumpkin for our next project, but now we were in a dilemma… where were the people that owned the place! We wandered around for a bit until a woman got out of her car.. she was really confused because she didn’t see us pull into the parking area and that’s why it took all of us a while to find each other! She was so extremely nice! They only took cash there and we didn’t have enough for the pumpkin that we picked out, but she accepted what we had and let us take the pumpkin! It was a great score! We will definitely be going back there for all our vegetable needs!


Once we got back, Spencer wasted no time getting dirty and cleaning out the pumpkin! He was so excited for more!


Clearly, we are getting way more seeds this time. And they aren’t babies either!


Spencer took extra care to clean off the seeds for me when he was taking them out of the pumpkin. It definitely saved me time and I didn’t have to get annoyed this time either! We are going to have a ton of roasted pumpkin seeds!


Here they are all done! I did the same thing that I did in my previous post; Pumpkin Carving and it’s Yummy Reward. Only this time (since the seeds were much bigger) I ended up cooking them at 325 degrees F, for the first 20 minutes (stirring them after each set of 10 minutes), then cranking the temperature to 350 degrees F and baking them for another 20 minutes (still stirring after 10 minutes). We like our seeds to be nice a crispy, and I found that once I heard a seed pop, they were done!

In case you were wondering what we did with our pumpkins… this is the masterpiece we came up with:

DSCF0050 DSCF0059

Yeah… you can tell we are Ohio State fans, huh? Go Bucks!

The round eyes and nose were cut to fit buckeyes that we have, but Spencer really wanted to be able to see the light coming out of the pumpkin when we lit the candle in there, so the buckeyes had to go. Still looks awesome though!


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