My November Etsy Treasury List

So I’ve been an Etsy shop owner for a few months (AnArtzieMission), and I seriously had no clue what a treasury on Etsy was… or that it even existed… until this month. So I scrolled through all the items I already “heart”ed and decided to create my first treasury of favorites!

For those of you that don’t know, a ‘treasury’ is basically a way to promote items you really like, or that fit a ‘theme’ you are going for. And my understanding is that items in treasuries can become more likely to be spotted on the Etsy home page (if that treasury is featured).

So here are some really awesome Etsy items that I want to take the time to promote. πŸ™‚ If you’re reading this and I featured one of your items, let me know!

You can see my treasury list on Etsy HERE

This first item comes from coolzeens and quite frankly, it is pretty COOL-zeens! Plus, I’m already really pumped for the Christmas season… I don’t care that Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. Check out the item HERE


Number 2 on my list comes from Rotation… these bad boys… Yeah, Spencer turned me into a HUGE Star Trek fan… Definitely on my Christmas radar… someone should… Make it so πŸ˜‰ Check it out HERE

Also… if you understood my ‘make it so’ reference, please laugh with me.. because I’m definitely laughing.


This scarf is absolutely GORGEOUS! And it comes from GraceandLaceCo. She has a ton of other items that I absolutely love, but this one was by far my favorite!! You can see it HERE


This is some beautiful typography art by LilyandVal. I love the connectivity of everything and the crisp lines! πŸ™‚ Total fav! Find it HERE


This baby blanket by CelebratetheWonder makes me wish it was big enough for me to snuggle up in it! My Aunt Lauren owns this shop, and I definitely have to give her credit for helping me start my own Etsy shop! She has a ton of beautifully crocheted items, and you should definitely check out her shop! You can find this baby blanket HERE


Here is another Etsy shop of a friend of mine FloralSabbatical. All her embroidery and cross stitch items are super cute, and you can tell a lot of hard work and talent goes into every piece she does! Find this super cute winter-ready-bird HERE


Such an inspirational piece by StudioMBKprints. This is seriously a wonderful saying to put up in your home to be a constant reminder that it’s all about Jesus! Check it out HERE


“Eat cake for breakfast”… I wish I could do that every day without seeing (and feeling) the negative side effects of doing that! sweetpeaink did an excellent job with this beautiful typography that makes me think eating cake for breakfast couldn’t possibly be THAT bad for you. See it HERE


This “play for me” guitar pick by CynicalRedhead is super cute. I’m very tempted to purchase this one for Spencer! And you should definitely check it out HERE


We can thank PearlJewellery for this absolutely stunning necklace! I don’t wear jewelry, but quite frankly this necklace could make me change my mind… or at least imagine changing my mind. Check it out HERE


Artbycarriepaquette has seriously out done herself with this adorable, miniature painting! I love tiny things… and the fact that this is seriously a BEAUTIFUL (and detailed) full painting on a MINI canvas, has my mind blown…BLOWN. I’m now setting a goal for myself to create something so awesome on a canvas so small… Thank you Carrie for the inspiration! You should totally check out this painting HERE


This one is definitely quirky, and I love it! I know that treasuries are supposed to only have one item from each shop on the list… but coolzeens did such an awesome job I just had to feature another item from her shop! Also… I’ve never heard the song this is from (not a fan of country music) but I like wine and Spencer likes whiskey (in moderation) was appropriate! You can find it HERE


This fox in a Santa hat hand towel byΒ SuesAkornShop is just too adorable. It would make a great addition to any kitchen for the upcoming holiday! See it HERE


KozyAfghansbyPhyllis has this item for sale in her shop, and it is just so cute! I love the pattern and the colors really pop. I bet it’s super cozy too. You can find it HERE


This fox ornament by builtonbranches has been sold unfortunately… so that’s a bummer.. though I can totally believe this would sell quickly! Do you SEE how cute it is?! But other fox ornaments can be found on her shop πŸ™‚


This is another eye pleaser in my opinion. And it’s brought to us by BWozniakphotography. The colors absolutely pop, and I can’t help but just feel happy when I look at it! You can find it HERE


I hope you enjoyed my Etsy treasury favorites for November! Check back the first week of December for my December favorites πŸ™‚ Be blessed friends.


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