Totally Homemade Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Most of you guys have probably been wondering lately; “SamLovesBaking, oh ok, this is a baking blog… But where are all the food posts?” So yes, this started out as a food blog… and food related posts have been sparse … Continue reading

Homemade Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie and Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Chicken pot pie

I have been meaning to make Chicken Pot Pie for quite some time… and I finally got around to doing so last night (we didn’t end up eating until close to 9… but hey, it was well worth the wait!) … Continue reading

Pastry “Tarts”

Today I’ve decided to make my ‘pop tarts’. I’ve decided to call them Pastry “Tarts”, basically because they taste way better than store bough pop tarts, so calling them ‘pop tarts’ would be insulting to them. (Try this out and … Continue reading