Totally Homemade Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Most of you guys have probably been wondering lately; “SamLovesBaking, oh ok, this is a baking blog… But where are all the food posts?” So yes, this started out as a food blog… and food related posts have been sparse … Continue reading

Chocolate Chips Cookies: With a Twist

Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tonight I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies… but I was looking for a way to make them different. Let me just tell you, there is a secret ingredient out there that makes chocolate chip cookies to die for! … Continue reading

Chocolate Chunks Meet Peanut Butter Energy Bars

Chocolate Chunk Health Bars

I’ve been meaning to make a tasty (yet healthy… of course) snack for easy grabbing and snacking on the go. So I whipped up a batch of these Chocolate Chunks Meet Peanut Butter Energy Bars! Once you try these, you’ll … Continue reading