Spotlight on AnArtzieMission

Hello friends!

Here is a look into what I’ve been up to lately at AnArtzieMission:

I just have to start out with saying that my shop is just one week shy of having been open for 2 months now! It seriously seems like time has flown since then– I had to double check the date on both my Etsy and Facebook page to believe it had been that long already!

Here is some of my latest artwork that I’ve posted for sale (click the pictures to go to my listings).

DSCN2395 DSCN2545 DSCN2621

With opening this shop I’ve definitely surprised myself and am so thankful that God has given me my creative side! So I’m honored to be able to use it for Him. This is still something I am trying to get used to doing. I must admit that my inspirations have been starting to scare me (in a good way). I have vision, drive, and support that’s for sure.. Though I still struggle to get over my ‘I can’t really do this’ hurdle. What’s been scary is that the ideas I have been blessed with and inspired to do have all been out of my comfort zone lately. So I’ve definitely learned that in order for these ideas to pan out I have to be fully reliant on God. Which is great, more glory to Him!!

I love being able to use Etsy as my missions field! With every view I see on my page I pray that something I have posted reached out to someone and has blessed them the way making it has blessed me.

Help me spread the word of AnArtzieMission by sharing my shop and Facebook page!


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