Winter’s Given Dessert: Snow Cream

Today Spencer and I made some snow cream!

What happened to the 8-12 inches we were supposed to get?!

Making snow cream is extremely easy to make; I think it took us all of 5 minutes. I told Spencer we need to make about a gallon of this so it will last into the summer time. (He laughed, but I don’t think he realized I was sort of serious!)

What you need for SNOW CREAM:

  • 4-6 cups Snow
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • a dash of Vanilla (a big-ish dash if you’re me)

Step 1: Collect your snow!

DSCN0276  DSCN0277

It’s a gross rainy snow outside right now, so I was trying to gather snow as fast as I could.

Step 2: Mix your milk, sugar, and vanilla in a large bowl until the sugar has dissolved.

DSCN0279  DSCN0280

Spencer was in charge of this step since the snow got packed tight for measuring. He switched to a potato masher shortly after I took these pictures, it proved easier to mash up the snow!

Step 3: You’re done! You can enjoy it right away (though it will be a little soupy).


If you are patient enough you can just cover the bowl with plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer for later!

If you can’t have milk, or prefer to not to drink milk, you could totally substitute milk for almond milk or soy milk. If the kind you have is sweetened I would go lighter on the sugar. And if the substitute milk you are using is already flavored with vanilla, you could omit that from the recipe too! Just making it even more simple for you! (Like it isn’t already)

Enjoy your super easy snow cream! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Winter’s Given Dessert: Snow Cream

    • The first time I heard of this was only a couple years ago in the south… I don’t know how I grew up with an abundance of snow every winter and had to learn about snow cream from people that rarely see it!

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