Pasta and Peas Revisited & Delicous

So if you haven’t read my previous blog about my Pasta and Pea recipe you can read it here: Quick Dish: Pasta and Peas

Yesterday I started to make this dish for dinner, and while my pasta was cooking I decided to change some things up. My mom gave me a bottle of Olive Garden’s salad dressing, and I thought to myself Hmmm I bet that would taste really good as a ‘sauce’ for my pasta. ….And it was!


So to make this dish all you need to do is cook your pasta and your peas. Then toss in enough Olive Garden salad dressing (or any other Italian dressing you like). Keep the pot on the burner so that the dressing gets warm too. Sprinkle in a little extra garlic powder and onion powder. Mix in some parmesan cheese too! I like mine extra cheesy.

Enjoy your Pasta and Peas Revisited! I will have to say I like this better than using the olive oil!


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