Christmas Desserts: Candy Cane Cookies

While I was up at my mom’s place for this Thanksgiving we decided to whip up some Candy Cane Cookies and get in the Christmas spirit! (It was after Thanksgiving day, so it’s ‘acceptable’ to do such things now)

I’m going to let this recipe stay a family recipe, but here is our adventure! Image

While I was mixing the dough, my mom’s hand mixer decided it was time for it to retire…. Spencer decided he was going to try to figure out what was wrong with it! Thankfully I had finished all the heavy duty mixing, and just hand mixed the last of it together.


The mixer is slowly coming apart…


Hmmm… come to find out the motor just snapped from the base that was holding it in place. That does create a problem!


And this is what the inside of a mixer looks like. In case you were wondering.


Spencer is still my hand model, here we are twisting the candy cane cookies together! Mom was helping too!


Don’t these cookies look so good?!


These cookies are ready to go into the oven! You can start drooling now…


We changed things up this year and used colored sugar instead of candy cane pieces on some of them. They still turned out great! We had more white dough vs red dough left over = albino candy cane made especially for Krista!


Here are a few of the finished product! They do taste as cute(good) as they look!


We also changed things up by creating this message with the dough! It took some time, but it was worth it!


These Candy Cane Cookies are seriously super yummy. They do take a while to make, but they are worth it; they look incredibly cute!


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