Chocolate Chips Cookies: With a Twist

Tonight I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies… but I was looking for a way to make them different. Let me just tell you, there is a secret ingredient out there that makes chocolate chip cookies to die for! But I haven’t decided if I want to fill you in on this secret yet. Here is a photo shoot with the cookies I just made!




Ok.. I’m not giving you guys the recipe… but the secret ingredient is honey! It really, I mean really, just adds an extra amount of awesome to already delicious chocolate chip cookies!



I did want to add in ground flax seed to this recipe. But grinding your own flax seed is time consuming! At least with the food processor that I have. I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the food processor and flax seed to finish ‘doing it’s thing’ (I had to take numerous breaks so my food processor wouldn’t over-heat) so I went ahead and made these cookies without it. Maybe next time!


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