Halloween Decorated Sugar Cookies and Cupcakes

Tonight Spencer and I hosted a scary movie night in honor of Halloween, so of course I had to whip up some cute sweets for our friends to enjoy! The movie was super scary… we watched The Conjuring. Let’s say at least half of our guests were pretty scared (not all girls, by the way)… so the scary movie night was a success! Spencer grilled us up some food too! He jumps at any and every opportunity to grill, which is perfectly fine with me!


Cute pumpkin decorated sugar cookies!


A different look to the mummy cookie!

DSCF0048 DSCF0054

I was super excited to fine a way to incorporate chocolate into these cookies! My ghost cookies for the evening.


My scary rendition of a jack-o-lantern.


I didn’t make many cookies, because I had already made so many cupcakes!

DSCF0064 DSCF0067


Vanilla cupcakes, with vanilla frosting. I was really wanting to make chocolate something or other, but at the same time I knew I need to venture down different paths every once in a while.. but I’m going to make something with chocolate soon! Mark my words!


My pumpkin inception into these cupcakes were a success! Aren’t they super cute?!


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