My “Famous” Maple Granola


There are a few things that are staples in the our household.. and this is definitely one of them. Maple Granola! We eat it all the time, and go through a double batch of the stuff in a week (that’s 10 cups of oats… before it’s baked!)

Sorry people, there is no way that I’m going to fork over this recipe to you, it’s top secret! But I will give you a couple pointers.


One of the key things to this recipe, is the maple syrup that you use.. and I make my own! It’s super easy and you know there won’t be any preservatives in it! Plus when you make up a batch and make your granola right away, the syrup is still warm and it just mixes better!


I made this batch a couple days ago… and it’s already almost time to make another batch! Other than oats, I really only add almonds into the mix!


I will tell you that the key to getting a nice, evenly baked granola is to take the pan out every 10 minutes and give it a good stir. Then pop it back in the oven. Only one recipe I ever tried suggested that, and I have done it ever since, with various granola recipes. I’ve tried honey granola, and even peanut butter granola. But the maple granola has won the hearts in this family, so that’s what I stick with!


So much delicious granola! Granola really is a super easy thing to make. And it’s a recipe you can change and make all your own! You can add so many different nuts, fruit and spices to granola… the variations are nearly endless!


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