An Ode to Best Friends… And Chocolate Chip Pizza


Meet Krista, my best friend since…. well… forever. We met in 5th grade at our bus stop when I moved right across the street from her. We still argue to this day about why we started talking to each other… see, she was throwing rocks at a stop sign across the street. What weirdo does that?! Even after I moved 10 hours away (8 years ago), our friendship remains just as strong. I realize that this is a blog about food and sweet treats, so why am I getting all sappy talking about my best friend? Well.. it’s because we have this super weird tradition every time we see each other… Just brace yourself, we have been asked if either of us were preggers while buying these ingredients once before. This wonderful indulgence is called chocolate chip pizza.


Yes, it is a real pizza, with pizza sauce and everything. And yes, there are chocolate chips on top of it. But it’s so good!

We always make our own pizza, to control how much sauce gets put on it, of course. So pick your favorite pizza crust, or make your own! Layer a very thin amount of pizza sauce on the dough (so little it is almost not worth buying a can of pizza sauce for it… but it is worth it!). LOAD THAT BABY UP WITH CHEESE! We always put a TON of mozzarella cheese on our pizza, I’m a huge cheese nut if you haven’t already caught on. And then sprinkle some chocolate chips on top!

Our other tradition with this pizza, is to cut it in ridiculous, non-traditional shaped pieces. Which you can see pictured above is very abstract sometimes.

Not too many people are brave enough to try this pizza, but I promise, it won’t taste the way you are probably thinking it will taste. The combination of sauce and chocolate seriously isn’t as traumatic as you would guess. Try it!


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