Pastry “Tarts”


Today I’ve decided to make my ‘pop tarts’. I’ve decided to call them Pastry “Tarts”, basically because they taste way better than store bough pop tarts, so calling them ‘pop tarts’ would be insulting to them. (Try this out and see what I’m talking about!) Since I don’t really use a recipe for making these, I figured it would be safe to teach you all how to make your very own Pastry “Tarts”.

This is a super easy recipe people.. you don’t need very many ingredients. As you can see:


Usually when I make my Pastry “Tarts” I make a glaze to pour over them when they have cooled down, but today I had no more powdered sugar and only had some left over chocolate icing that I previously made. (I figured no one would mind, who can complain about chocolate?!)

I have only ever used this Jiffy pie crust mix to make these treats, but I imagine you could use any other pie crust recipe. The lighter and flakier the crust the better! I have found that this crust is just what my taste buds ordered! To fill your Pastry “Tarts” you could use any jam, jelly, or other filling you desire. I’ve made a pumpkin filling before, and it was so good! Today I used my husband’s grandma’s homemade jelly.. It is seriously the best jelly I’ve ever had. I wish I had an endless supply of it!


Okay, I’ve followed the directions on the Jiffy box, flowered my working area, and rolled out my pie crust. The trick here is to roll out the crust pretty thin. You don’t want to roll it out so thin that it falls apart when you try to pick it up, but you want to roll it out to just before that point. I always feel my crust to make sure it’s even and the right thinness.


Now you cut your crust into the shape and size you want your Pastry “Tarts” to be! Today I chose to just cut square pieces. All your pieces don’t have to be the same size, but each piece should have a partner that is the same size so you can match them up together. After I get my pieces cut I go ahead and preheat my oven to 350 degrees F.


Now it’s time to assemble! Whenever I pick up my pairs of pastries I always put the more flowered side (less sticky side) down on my greased pan. Then you just glob on the jelly/jam/filling so when you put the top pastry piece on you get a nice “hump”. Then I just take a fork and press the sides all around my Pastry “Tarts” so the two sides stick together and my filling doesn’t ooze out while baking (and eating)!

*If you are putting together the two sides and you find the filling is oozing out, no need to be alarmed. You could just wipe it up so there isn’t too much of a mess or just leave it, it won’t effect the baking process enough to be worried about it!


Once you have all of the Pastry “Tarts” assembled, just pop them in the oven for 7-10 minutes! When you pull the Pastry “Tarts” out, the bottom should be nice and golden brown and the Pastry “Tart” should be nice and stiff when you pick it up.


Now here is the part that I changed up today. Usually once I pull my Pastry “Tarts” out of the oven, I let them cool off completely before pouring my glaze over them. However, today I used a much thicker icing to top them off and spread the chocolate on top of the pastries before they cooled down to help thin out the icing. I always then add a little bit of sugar sprinkles to my Pastry “Tarts” for decoration.


They taste just a good as with my normal glaze! The husband is sure to love these!


Here is what my Pastry “Tarts” look like with the usual glaze.

I hope everyone enjoyed! And if you do decide to try these tasty treats out, let me know how it went for you!


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