My Own “Baking Show”

Video call snapshot 6

Over the past couple of summers, before my husband and I got married, he spent his summers co-oping at Bosch in Charleston, SC. For those summers, our nights consisted of Skype… pretty much all night. Until he had to go to bed to wake up ridiculously early for work! Each time we Skyped, Spencer took a screen shot of me… most of the time while I’m doing dumb things (probably because he missed me). Well, this featured particular night, I was baking while Skyping with him. So of course I pretended like I had my own baking show, and this is the gem of a picture he captured.

Here is what I was working on! They are chocolate cupcakes with mini Reese’s on top! Found the idea on Pinterest.


It’s a shame he didn’t snag any pictures of me actually baking (he may have, but he didn’t share with me every picture he took.. what gives?!) I’m sure some pictures were just terrible, and if I had seen them I wouldn’t have Skyped with him anymore to prevent any more embarrassing pictures!

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